Is your child teething? You’d want them to retain that white enamel, right? Teaching children about teeth brushing can seem tough, but it’s a practice they master over time.

Approximately 23% of children in the US aged 2-5 years have dental carries caused by plaque build-up. Correct tooth brushing can assist keep dental caries in children at bay. It’s crucial that children learn how to brush on their own for healthy teeth and gums.

Brentwood pediatric dentistry educates parents on some tooth brushing tips for kids. The aim is to pass on the mechanics of brushing to allow kids to learn and practice efficiently.

Getting your children to brush their teeth the right way can be difficult. Read our best tooth brushing tips to learn how to make this vital habit fun.

1. Start by Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

Young children don’t fully possess the motor skills necessary to brush their teeth effectively. It’s advisable to teach your kids by brushing for them for the first few years.

It’s never too early to start brushing your baby’s teeth, so start as soon as the teeth show. As the parent, be keen to brush gently and comprehensively.

Brushing for your child familiarizes them with areas of their mouth they’ll need to clean. As a result, they’re better suited to practice it on themselves when they grow older.

Pediatric Dentist Franklin TN, suggests talking through as you brush your baby’s teeth. Explaining the whole process builds the foundation for proper tooth brushing techniques.

2. Demonstrate on Yourself

Kids learn best by seeing you do things, so demonstrate on yourself how to brush teeth. You’ll be surprised at how much your child internalizes from seeing.

Even if brushing isn’t your favorite thing to do, it will help if you make it fun for the kid. Be enthusiastic about teeth cleaning since it induces excitement about oral hygiene.

The demonstration needs to be strategic and follow a particular step-by-step protocol. In doing so, you make the demonstration upbeat and easy to grasp for your child.

3. Use the Correct Tools

One part of kids enjoying the whole tooth brushing process is having the correct tools. Using a children’s toothbrush and toothpaste makes brushing comfortable and easy.

A Kid-sized toothbrush fits well within the child’s mouth, making brushing less of a struggle. The kid-friendly toothpaste is tasty and will likely excite them. The correct brushing supplies for kids make them long for teeth cleaning each time.

You could also consider having a timer to help them gauge how long the brushing lasts. Timers alert the kid’s cognitive senses into focusing on the task until the two minutes of brushing are up.

4. Supervise As you Let Them Brush

Once your toddler can hold the toothbrush correctly, it’s right that you allow them to brush. Ensure that you supervise the whole teeth cleaning process until they master it.

Your kid will need to learn by doing after you’ve been cleaning their teeth for long. Have your child brush in front of a mirror to let them see what they’re doing.

Paying attention to how they do it will help you assess what they’ve understood. Remind the kid if they forget any steps. In supervising, you’re able to keep them on task and follow through to completion.

Your kids pick up the brushing technique faster by brushing on their own. Pediatric dentist Nashville TN recommends a quick follow-up to eliminate any lingering plaque.

5. Brush Your Teeth Together

Bonding activities for you and your kids are essential for teaching them new things. Brushing teeth together allows you to bond and teach the kid too.

Brushing together is a fun way to teach your child teeth cleaning, so make a big deal out of it. Chances are you’ll get your child looking forward to brushing alongside you.

Have them mimic what you do, which will have them brush correctly. Consider using the same technique each time so they can have a blast hacking it.

Brushing together will offer them the mentality of “if mom and dad can do it, then I can too!” The method instills confidence with brushing as Brentwood Childrens dentistry endorse.

6. Practice on DIY Teeth

Practice makes perfect, more so when it comes to learning how to brush for kids. Consider letting them brush on DIY teeth to have the technique grow on them.

Play-based parenting is highly recommended for easing the children’s learning process. Demonstrate how to brush teeth effectively and let them practice. Offer them constant encouragement and acknowledge when they use the proper technique.

Next time you’re at the store, look for stuffed animals with teeth your child can practice on. Teeth brushing gets easier when children enjoy it, and practicing makes it routine.

7. Watch Videos for Kids Brushing Teeth

Kids are great visual learners, and watching teeth brushing videos helps them learn.

An internet search will show many educational and entertaining teeth cleaning videos. Ensure you select a video with the correct brushing technique. Kids internalize the brushing action on the video and replicate it on themselves.

Teeth brushing videos for kids have interesting theme songs which make learning fun. Let them watch even as they clean to keep them engaged and on track.

Consider the Above Tooth Brushing Tips for Kids

Getting your child to learn how to brush teeth the right way doesn’t have to be complicated. We hope that the above tooth brushing tips for kids are helpful. If after trying them and your child still has trouble brushing their teeth, consult an emergency pediatric dentist.

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